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About a year ago I found a recipe for ice cream that called for nothing but frozen bananas. It sounded crazy, but all of a sudden everyone was blogging about it, and it was even popping up on tv. I’d been convinced that frozen bananas blend up into a creamy ice cream-like consistency and decided to give it a try. I followed the instructions, put the frozen bananas in my blender and…promptly blew up my blender. The frozen bananas were too much for my poor KitchenAid and it never worked again.

So…when I saw the Yonanas ice cream treat maker at Bed Bath & Beyond I put it on my Christmas list. Partly out of sheer curiosity, and partly because I plan on following the Weight Watchers program in the new year, and this would make a zero point treat since it doesn’t have anything but fruit in it.

I got the Yonanas for Xmas and despite it’s stupid name I think I love it. First you need to do is decide what fruit you want to make your ‘ice cream’ from and freeze it. For my first batch I had some frozen sliced bananas prepared along with frozen mango chunks. You can find lots of recipes out there, but I decided to wing it and throw in 2 slices and frozen bananas and a 1/2 cup of diced mango.

yonanas frozen treat maker

Once you’ve got your frozen fruit out of the freezer you just cram it into the machine and use the plunger to push the fruit through the machine. It comes out very slowly and in two thick ribbons of creamy frozen fruit that you’ll need to massage into an appropriate looking bowl of ice cream.


After getting over the impression that the machine is basically pooping out bananas you can go ahead and taste your ‘ice cream’. I have to say that I was really impressed with not only the taste and texture, but also by how much ice cream you get out of just a few bananas and a half cup of fruit. This made enough to easily satisfy two people. It tasted mildly like bananas and the mango added a nice tart flavour that made this feel like a legit bowl of sorbet.

Another thing to love about the Yonanas is how easy it is to clean after use. The business part of the machine splits into three easy to wash pieces, and as long as you rinse them in hot water right after use the banana/fruit gunk washes right off.
yonanas cleanup


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  1. Ok i officially love your blog because it’s like I wrote it. Wild Rose Detox, this awesome couch I just saw on the weekend for my new condo (which you highlight), healthy recipes and then Yonanas? All things I’ve thought of in the last week! I am so buying a Yonanas, you’ve sold me.

    • lol – thanks for your comment! :)

      The Yonanas machine seems a bit gimmicky, but I really do think it works well. I’d say I use it at least once a week.

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